Rise of The Corruption

The (Re)training Grounds

Chapter 1 The beginning

The Part arrived for the first time at the proving grounds in the Theocracy of Yargo, there they were greeted by the Council and informed that they will be receiving a state of the art Air Ship to help them explore the possibility of a power that will stop the Corruption from infecting those who are exposed to it in battle.

Before the council was willing to part with such an expensive investment they needed to make sure the party was made up of at least decent fighters. so they were given a simple task, to recover an orb from Lady Elise’s Handmaiden. the simple task was not so simple, however the party preformed adequately enough to receive there prize.

The orb itself is a key to a much more dangerous journey. sleep well adventurers Much weighs on your success. you have no Idea what Horrors await you.


rayner_joshu rayner_joshu

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