(Siri Om) Handmaiden of the Lady

"Fool, begone or face the Mantra of my Ancestors"


Initiative + 15
Perception 9
HP 280
AC 30; Fortitude 26, Reflex 29, Will 28
Resist 10 psychic
Saving Throws +2 (
4 against charm effects)
Speed 6
Action Points 1

Chakram Thrust (standard, at-will) Psychic, Weapon, Melee

+ 19 vs AC; 1d8 + 6 damage, plus 1d8 psychic damage.

Tajani Chakram (standard, at-will) Psychic, Weapon, Ranged
Ranged 5/10 if thrown; +19 vs AC; 1d8 + 6 damage plus 1d8 psychic damage.
Special: If thrown, the weapon returns to Siri om’s hand immediately after the attack is resolved.

Tenjutsu Barrage (standard, at-will) Psychic, Weapon
Siri om makes two Chakram Thrust attacks.

Mantra of the 6 palm strike (standard, recharge 5 or 6 ) Psychic, Weapon
+19 vs AC; 3d8 + 6 damage plus 2d8 psychic damage. (miss= half damage)

Mantra of the steady hand
(immediate reaction, when an ally within 5 squares misses with an attack; encounter)
The ally can reroll the attack, keeping the second result.

Tenjutsu Mental Focus, Charm
Whenever Siri Om’ damages a target with one of her attacks, the target cannot make opportunity attacks until the end of Siri Om’s next turn.

Dedicated Yogi (move; at-will)
Siri om can fly 5 squares.

Mind Over Body
Due to the psionic energy of the harness and armor she wears, Siri om uses Charisma in place of Wisdom for determining hit points and Fortitude defense. (She still uses Constitution for other purposes such as Endurance checks.)

Skills History 16, Insight +14
Str 6 (
5) Dex 23 (13) Wis 15 (9)
Con 6 (5) Int 19 (11) Cha 20 (+12)


Siri om’s story is one of great adventure, great mystery and profound loss. It is said that she was born of a slave working in the market district of the Korlathian alliance. her mother died during birth and as such Siri om was expected to finish paying off her mothers debt to the slave owner. cursed to this harsh life siri om grew up very quick. at 4 she was taught to scrub and clean and by the time she was just 7 years old she was already scarred from the whips of discipline and the chains of servitude.

Her father, also a slave still overcome with grief at the loss of his companion. was futher devastated by the cruel world that cursed his daughter to follow in the tragic and lonely existence of her mother. on Siri om’s 8th birthday he made a desperate and dangerous gamble He stole a very valuable set of jewelry from his slave owner and fled in the night to the Docks.

The docks were a dangerous place especially at night. most free men wouldn’t even look at a slave much less speak to one. he searched all night for someone anyone who would listen to him. countless doors were slammed in his face. they jeered and laughed, if they knew what he was carrying they would simply have killed him and taken the ill gotten rewards.

distraught from his apparent wasted effort and saddened by the quickening approach of dawn. he sought refuge in an alleyway behind a derelict tavern. the game would soon be over, dawn would come. his master would awake and discover the stolen property. and private security would hunt him down and in all likelihood kill him and his daughter. perhaps it was a mercy, at least one way or another she would be free from the life of a slave.

Then he was approached by a man clad in black. “Hello Stranger” said the man “and who might this young one be” Sir’s father lifted his head to the man in black, “begone sir, lest you be caught up in the misery that follows us slaves” the man in black responded “fear not for i have seen your desperate pleas along the docks and I believe i can help, do you seek freedom old man?” Siri om’s father responded " I seek passage for my self and my daughter on a ship headed to the theocracy, I hear tales that they are known for there mercy and compassion" the veiled man said “I’m sorry sir i do not deal in the saving of lives, only in the taking of them” Siri’s father, “It would take a great fortune to murder all those who would enslave me sir” Veil; “yes but I’m sure you didn’t expect to escape the island on the good will of the traders perhaps i can interest you in a trade, I will take your daughter to a place where she can be free, She is of the right age and i see fire in her eyes, her passion outshines the Scars of her short life” Siri’s Father; “you would have me turn her into a murderer at 8 years of age” Veil; “she would have food and she would be free, but if it suites you i will leave and she can die here with you” Siri’s Father cried “wait sir…. please take her” Veil; “aye I think i will and how do you propose i pay for her training, did you have anything to offer” Siri’s father; “yes this is all i could.. acquire, hopefully this will be enough” Veil; “it’s a start to be sure, I will see to the rest. A pleasure doing business with you good slave. Shall I grant you a quick death?” Siri’s father; “No thank you, I will face my masters wrath head on. I should only have one death I wont have it be in an alley full of piss and filth” Veil; “Hahahaha to bad you weren’t younger the scarlet court would have enjoyed you, Until the long night then old man”

That was the last time Siri om saw her father. she was trained first as a member of the scarlet flare raised as an assassin she grew up isolated in the mountains training every day until she was 15. she rose to the top of her class, veil; became a mentor to her, teaching her to harness her physical and mental training. when the time came he gave her her first mark.

This is the set of jewelry your father bought your freedom with he said. the earrings are beautiful, but this was only partial payment you see there is a matching necklace that is missing from this set and as such your fathers debt has never been fully paid. Your first mark is the merchant who enslaved and tortured your father. he is older now but still protected. you will recover the necklace and pay your dead fathers debts.

And so Siri om set off to find and kill the man from her past. She was a perfect assassin, Silent, cold, calculating. the years had been harsh on Siri and she had learned to be harsh in turn. Her first job went perfectly She drugged the guards and left a blade in the old man’s heart. she was better than anyone was expecting.

She rose quickly in the ranks of the Scarlet flare assassins perhaps to quickly, Her skill rose to a level beyond her years, eventually she was approached with a lucrative task, a High ranking Erudian conclave mage was willing to pay an unheard of ammount for the assassination of an old man, a cult leader as she was told. who ran a temple built into the face of Mt. Kaitzur. the man was an elder monk and leader of a clan known as the Tenjutsu. She accepted the contract and left the Korlathian alliance to find and kill this man.

She arrived now in her early 20’s and went to this village to seek out this elder monk. Mt. Kaitzur was a neutral ground between the Erudian conclave and the Theocracy of yargo. so there were citizens from either nation there, Research libraries and ancient looking temples all in the same place. the city existed out of step with the rest of the animosity of the nations. it was fascinating to Siri om being in a new place for the first time. she wondered if this was the freedom that so many from Korlath chased after. eventually she found the temple.

She watched the temple, did her research and chose a time to strike. at night she snuck into the old man’s chambers. approached the bed. and a voice called out from behind her “hello young one, so cold, so lonely. what have you come for” Siri replied “your life old man, the contract is stuck I will deliver you to the long night”. the old monk replied “such darkness, such focus but you lack will. let us see if you can kill me young one” Siri was no fool she had been listening and trying to place his position she struck throwing her blade and striking nothing but air. again she saw an opening and struck. he simply pushed her arm aside.

“good young one, your skill is quite impressive but you lack true will” Siri-“nonsense I lack an understanding of whatever Sorcery you practice” the monk said “I’m curious what lead you down this path child, your movements don’t speak to a Desire for power or money, you clearly take no joy in killing yet you chose the path of an assassin, Why?” Siri- “My reasons are my own old fool, Die quickly lest i hear more of your deluded rantings” she Struck with all her might, and for a moment she felt like she hit something…. but then her vision failed her and she was falling.

she awoke in a cell behind bars, she had failed. and let herself be captured. the shame was unbearable her order would soon send others to kill her and finish the job. She sensed movement, “who’s there!” and an old man stepped out of the shadows, “me young one how are you feeling” Siri-“Fool, I’m feeling captured and annoyed have you come to nag me to death, Surely anyone would break under the weight of your all consuming fortune cookie wisdom”

Monk-“hahaha young one I did not kill you because i did not feel wickedness in your heart. a strong desire for survival perhaps. and a cold isolated longing but no malice. If you truly wish to return to your old life feel free to leave the door is open to you but i think you would rather learn why this weak old man with a walking stick so easily brushed you aside” Siri seethed with anger at the Idea that all she had been taught her entire life could so easily be brushed aside. she kicked open the door and lunged at him. he moved to the side and she crashed into the wall he replied “see you didn’t even try that time”

Siri om did eventually settle into the realization that she was curious about this strange new land and so she began a constant game of cat and mouse with the old man, She would eventually know him to be master Tenju. and he took over her training from that point on. she was introduced to feelings she had never had before. she would practice for hours. it was never known if the Scarlet flare ever sent other assassins to finish siri’s task. she had to assume that they did. but they never made it to siri. she began to feel safe and like she finally had a home.

But Siri was not the only student of the Tenjutsu monks there were many other promising students. but none with as stunning a power as the young Lady Sivaste daughter of Victor who was at the time the leader of the Theocracy of yargo. the two became fast friends and siri would go on to be a general in her army when she took power after the death of her father.

(Siri Om) Handmaiden of the Lady

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