Lady Sivaste (Deceased)

I, With the Unyielding Spirit of this land. will Shatter any who seek to shackle our minds to there arrogance


Level 24 Elite Skirmisher

XP 12100
Initiative +22 Senses Perception +19; low-light vision

HP 315; Bloodied 157

AC 38; Fortitude 35, Reflex 36, Will 37

Immune disease, poison; Resist 15 cold, 10 radiant, insubstantial

Saving Throws 2 (7 against charm effects)

Speed fly 8 (hover)

Action Points 1

Touch of Mourning (standard, at-will) Cold
28 vs Reflex; 3d67 cold damage, and the target cannot make opportunity attacks against Mournwind until the end of her next turn.

Hope Leech (standard, at-will) Fear, Psychic
Ranged 10; +28 vs Will; 2D6 + 8 psychic damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and checks until the end of Mournwind’s next turn.

Double Attack (standard, at-will) Teleportation
Mournwind makes two melee basic attacks. She can teleport 1 square before, between, and after each these attacks

Deadly Gale (standard, recharge )
Mournwind shifts 8 squares, including through occupied spaces. She can make a melee basic attack as a free action against any enemy whose space she moves through

Cry of Despair (standard, recharges when first bloodied) Cold, Fear, Psychic
Close blast 5; targets enemies; +26 vs Fortitude; whichever is lower; 3d6 + 9 psychic and cold damage, and target is pushed 3 squares, and is dazed and slowed (save ends both).

Move as Wind (move; recharges after mournwind uses deadly gale)
Mournwind teleports 5 squares.

Alignment Evil Languages Common, Elven, Giant
Skills History + 23, Stealth + 25
Str 17 (+ 15) Dex 26 (+ 20) Wis 15 (+ 14)
Con 25 (+ 19) Int 18 (+ 16) Cha 28 (+ 21)

Published in Dragon Magazine 374, page(s) 59.


Lady Sivaste was the previous leader of the Theocracy of Yargo. the Head of the church and Divine leader of her people, her rise to power was strongly influenced by her father and the Military campaigns that centered around the shocking Battle at Mt. Kaitzur.

Her childhood was carefree and uneventful She would stay at home with her mother. while her father conducted matters of sate and war. although she grew up in the shadows of the unyielding conflicts between the Theocracy of Yargo and the Conclave most of her young life was sheltered.

her teenage years were much more problematic. at 12 she began to rebel and sneak out seeking adventure in the capitol and fame. she would sneak out and spend time dancing with the traveling gypsies that frequented the city. her mother had exhausted all patients and her father was Furious. and so she was sent away to a far off Isolated monastery at the top of Mt. Kaitzur

She was hateful towards her father for abandoning her and angry with her luck. but the old monks loved her passion. as the weeks turned to months Lady Sivaste’s hate faded. She realized that as much as she missed her home. she was finally free. She began to study her passion of dancing. the young lady took to there style with ease.

her skill was Legendary, when she moved the land around her would bend to her will. it became evident that some kind of magic flowed through her. as she moved the sand would rise up to greet her.

Lady Sivaste (Deceased)

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