Obsidian Scar heart Adornment.


Obsidian Will (Standard, at will) once per turn, Melee, Weapon, max 4 charges. 2D6+5 Radiant Damage.
Damage done by this ability is unavoidable and cannot be Blocked or resisted. all damage done by this ability heals the soulbound partner. Charges may only be restored by extended rest.


Shield & Sword Mastery Minor action, Daily.
Until the end of the encounter you weapon enhancement bonus is applied to your AC.

Unique Property
Unyielding Prudishness
Due to it’s unyielding stoic nature Obsidian-Scar-Heart projects it’s will onto the minds of it’s allies effectively shielding them from the corruption. the effects appear limited to a small group. no more than 6 characters.


Obsidian Scar heart Adornment.

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