Rise of The Corruption

We have arrived
The eladrin peaks.

The Leylerian wilds are home to a strange and exotic host of fey and forest folk. once the center of one of the greatest empires in history it’s current state is dire. the citizens who were not killed during the fighting were evacuated long ago the region is now a Stronghold of the corruption. who knows how many years of tradition, lore, and magic might be lost. but our goal today is to locate some supposed survivors living high in the frozen inhospitable peaks of the northern region.

The party eventually found a few signs of life among the frozen peaks. although not the life they were expecting. these poor shambling corpses looked more like the work of necromancy, they were thin and withered and walked with great difficulty. a scout led the party down a path to an old secluded temple. much older then the surrounding area. inside it the party found a small group of eladrin lead by the queen the last of her royal guard stood in various states of Decay around her. it was revealed to the party that when the fighting began they felt a calling to head north. the queen and her closest guard appeared immune to the corruption that soon ravaged there homeland and the Summer court.

The weakened and exhausted Eladrin admitted to awaiting someone who would release them from there burden. at this point it is revealed that the adornment fastened into her crown was what lead them to the ancient abandoned temple. the adornment was seeking someone. that someone turned out to be Grey and so the party was able to obtain the mysterious power that was said to protect others from corruption. however the item is limited to 6 people. a small victory but a victory none the less. and it would appear that Grey has obtained a Powerful Soul bound Adornment.

The first Flight
Take to the Sky

Recovering the Orb from The handmaiden, The party is deemed worthy. The council then leads them to the Malkir Oasis for a Night to recover before there flight. The area is the Capital region of the Theocracy of Yargo. Emperor fyst Leaves for Valrath peninsula before nightfall and the Grand Magister Takes his leave as soon as the party passes there test.

Leaving Lady Elise and King Leighton to explain the specifics of the situation. and the hope that they may have found something to resist the corruption. Lithica may also be able to share some insight on the subject.

The party met there eccentric and slightly unhinged engineer Klakner and he gleefully cackled on about how it’s his ship and how proud of it he was. after an exhausting evening full of wrenches the party eventually made it’s way off towards the Leylirian wilds and the Eladrin peaks at the northern edge of the continent. Unfortunately the trip was hardly an uneventful journey.

Combat Began after klakner and the party noticed some unusual storm clouds and a swarm of birds.The birds eventually launched themselves into the engine compartment and Flew into the turbines. this damaged the engine and stalled the forward momentum of the ship. after the ship was stalled the party was given a task of fighting off the invaders approaching the deck of the ship while Klakner and his crew of engineers fought the swarms in the engine room and lower decks.

The party fought off the first wave of enemies Defeating an Adult Typhoon Dragon, (3) blood raven swarms, and Commander zaknoril the battle was hard fought and Perilous. but not without reward, Commander zaknoril dropped in interesting piece of armor and valuable experience 14,000. However the corrupt legion is nothing if not relentless. no sooner had there enemies been defeated than another wave of enemies flew from the Island below to confront our Heroes.

(1) Nhargul Dragonspawn Undead Corrupted (named) Dragonskull Keep, Well it appears the keep was made of dragon bones, and the corruption has brought this Long dead beast back to life, it appears to be half bone half Stone all monster. you get the feeling this creature is not to be fucked with…. and it’s…. landing…. on your ship…. oh and it brought a friend because your DM is seriously a dick.

(1) Warlord Dravos (Named) The one and only Freshly Corrupted Warlord Dravos one of the 11 warlords of the Korlathian alliance. he is one bad ass motherfuker and he’s riding the Dragon that used to be a building…. Seriously it would take the entire party not distracted and at least another 4 hours of combat to take this Captin alive and in his wake the Psychic archers minions appear to be writhing and rising from the dead as corrupt Legion. you know by reputation he has armor built of the toughest stuff you can buy, (Someone’s father sold it to him) avoid his AC as it will be Nigh impossible to break through his armor. fortitude is also a daunting task. of moderate intelligence and average will but his reflexes in all that armor were pathetic. Be cautious of this region it’s unlikely that this is the last time you will encounter this monster and his pet castle.

In spite of your Dm’s best efforts to Corrupt at least one party member nobody was tainted and you escaped just in time to avoid being stomped on by big scary things. clakner repaired the engine and the ship burst into motion. try as they might dravos and his monstrosity were unable to match the speed of this more advanced airship. klakner has made a mental note to work on some weapons that can be utilized for future combat at air.

The (Re)training Grounds
Chapter 1 The beginning

The Part arrived for the first time at the proving grounds in the Theocracy of Yargo, there they were greeted by the Council and informed that they will be receiving a state of the art Air Ship to help them explore the possibility of a power that will stop the Corruption from infecting those who are exposed to it in battle.

Before the council was willing to part with such an expensive investment they needed to make sure the party was made up of at least decent fighters. so they were given a simple task, to recover an orb from Lady Elise’s Handmaiden. the simple task was not so simple, however the party preformed adequately enough to receive there prize.

The orb itself is a key to a much more dangerous journey. sleep well adventurers Much weighs on your success. you have no Idea what Horrors await you.


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