Rise of The Corruption

Shifting Sands

A Faltering Light.

after leaving the Eladrin peaks, the party heads back towards Galdyr to report the slight success of there mission. when they receive a transmission from an “anonymous source”(cough King Leighton) and the party was given information on two possible missions.

  1. 1 The parade
    p. Lady Elise is facing a difficult political landscape as the youngest successor they have ever had to the throne. there are many who see her as to weak and as such she sought to have a parade using the success of the chosen’s mission to find something to fight the corruption to bolster her support at home and weaken the position of her detractors
  1. 2 Rouge Golem
    p. king Leighton was left with a report of a rampaging golem from the Valrath peninsula. Emperor fyst states that the creature may be corrupted and should be eliminated immediately. Leighton agreed but thinks Fyst may be hiding something as golems have always proven to be Immune to corruption in the past.

In the end the party Chose to investigate the Golem, seeing no benefit to something as superfluous as a “parade” with the danger of corrupt creatures running amok in towns. the party as subtly as possible investigate the strange occurrence at the port town and eventually tracked the strange creature down. it was exhibiting signs of paranoia and fear. things golems can not possibly feel being inorganic constructs. they are bound only by the magics that let them hold there form and yet this creature was acting entirely irrational. the being appears to have some sign of higher consciousness.

the party was able to talk the creature down and eventually found room for it aboard there ship. unusual as it is. they have possibly made a new ally. and this strange creature requires further investigation. perhaps a trip to the Valrath peninsula.

But, what of the parade. surely you can’t be faulted for not being in two places at once. besides it was just a parade. and flowers would clash so horribly with grey’s demeanor. who has time to play politics when the world needs saving. Lady elise had her parade in the honor of our chosen heroes albeit they were absent from the event. she rallied her supporters and announced that the party had had some success. that a power to fight the corruption had been discovered and that they would one day return the world to a place where all could enjoy freedom and some peace. joy and laughter was heard across the capital.

There laughter was short lived. not all regarded this news as a joyous thing. And the Church of Divine Unity. made there shocking and violent debut. as the sun set on the day of this parade the capital was rocked by 3 Violent Explosions 1 at the palace, one in the marketplace of the Residential district. and one at the tomb of the late Lady Sivaste Herself. Lady Elise has ordered the city guard to contain and respond to the situation at the palace gates and to see to the safety of the citizens in the residential district. The queen herself has taken a small but elite force to respond to the shocking reports of undead attacks at the site of her mother’s tomb.

Apparently, you missed quite the parade…….


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