Emperor Fyst

"Of course we must aid the lesser races, I've seen it firsthand how their best warriors struggle to keep pace with our most common of Slaves.


Stats are Unknown, He reigned in Isolation for a long time. but rest assured that he is No stranger to fighting.


Emperor Fyst is a dark and power hungry man He has always ruled with an Iron grip over his people. and was responsible for the first true victory in the war with the Corruption. the corrupt Legion was all but knocking on the doors of the Death fyst Citadel when He decided to cut his losses. He commanded his Pyromancers to force the Eruption of an entire mountain chain. turning half of his territory and all his fertile land into a molten pit of Fire and Brimstone at once pushing back the Legion and killing an eighth of his own country’s population.

he imposes a strict class system that puts the Dwarven kind Squarely on top of the food chain. he is a single minded Tyrant for whom the ends always justify the means. He has Also Created a golem army to defend his recently re-acquired lands, just in case the Constantly burning pits of molten Lava and Ashe are not effective enough to keep the corruption at bay.

At this time he still refuses to share the secrets of his Golem army with his allies on the council He considers the knowledge to “advanced for lesser races” however he has agreed to create a small force of Golems based on the Shakir empires Steam technology. with the Stipulation that the Shakir Empire provide food for the Volrathian Peninsula.

He has some family notably a sister who was sympathetic to the pains of the common people, She has recently vanished. some suspect that emperor fyst simply got tired of her misplaced sympathies and had her executed discretely. there are many whispers but nobody would dare to ask questions.

Emperor Fyst

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