Alkirian expanse (history)

The Alkirian expanse is the most densely populated region in Lanvaldir, Home to 3 territories the Erudian Conclave, The Shakir Empire, And the Theocracy of Yargo. The continent boasts a wide variety of natural resources and has functioned as the center of trade and commerce for civilizations for centuries. The entire continent was once controlled by the mighty Shakir Empire they reigned for some 2000 years with the goal of the unification of all races into one mighty people working together to achieve greatness.

there only true war aside from the occasional civil conflict was with the Locora tribes of the Leylirian Wilds. The Locora, feeling they had outgrown there Smaller Island home set out to conquer new territory, they laid claim to the eastern regions of the alkirian expanse carving out stronghold along the coast. The Shakir Empire did not approve of their new neighbors and so began the 300 year war. Between the Fae creatures and the Shakir Empire. The Locora tribes Held an advanced knowledge of Nature and Magic and quickly carved the continent in half using there poisons and acids to dissolve the technology the Shakir empire had invested so heavily in. it looked, for a time as if the shakir empire would crumble.

The Shakir Empire may very well have been wiped out were it not for the ancestors of the current emperor Leighton who with the help of the gnomes was able to create a new kind of metal that could absorb magical energy. This ore eventually named Feyrite ore led to a new way for the Shakir empire to wage war the material would absorb fire and electricity and was an effective armor for there troops, Finally the Shakir empire began to hold there ground and repel the locora tribes advance. but they still struggled painfully for each foot of territory the were able to regain.

This would eventually lead to the First members of the Conclave of Magi. Originally a branch of the Military, they were the pioneers of Magical development for the Shakir Empire. They Dedicated themselves to the study of Magics used by the Locora tribes and were soon tasked with finding a way to turn Feyrite into a weapon. They Created a type of weapon that Could Drain the stored energy in feyrite and Focus it into a spell of great destruction. and thus the Feyrite cannon was born.

The weapon was effective and Forced the Locora tribes back to the Coast but the Locora tribes found their salvation in an ancient magic, they turned to the Deva clan and acquired the knowledge to build arcane crystals. at this point the Magic Crystals began to surface, they were great magical Catalysts and if enchanted correctly were capable of absorbing huge amounts of Magical energy. the crystals had a much higher capacity then the feyrite ore. the Locora tribes fashioned barriers that relied on these crystals. this effectively rendered feyrite cannons obsolete.

Eventually the Conclave of magi acquired some of these crystals and worked to advance their own technology in attempting to use the same process they used to extract magic from feyrite on the crystals they lost control. The results were Disastrous the Force released Destroyed a research facility & 4 cities all within a 400 mile radius. the disaster cost many hundreds of thousands of lives such destructive force had never been seen anywhere, the Locra tribes took note of this development. this was said to have prompted the first cease fire in nearly 298 years of constant warfare

This was to be the end of the conflict. The ancient Deva Clans horrified at the destruction and loss of life their magics had caused. pleaded with the Shakirian Empire and Locora tribes to find a peaceful solution. and so an agreement was finally signed that brought an end to the 300 year war. The Deva clan would teach the world how to use the Magic Crystals safely and in return the Shakir Empire would never again attempt to turn their precious crystals into weapons. The Locora tribes were allowed to settle in the Eastern planes of the Alkirian expanse but only if the Settlements would pay a hefty tax.

The war was over but it had left deep scars on the people of the Shakir empire. many old warriors began a search for personal redemption as the ravages of war were apparent everywhere. hence the church of the Luminance was born to offer salvation and prayer to those lost souls. as the church became politically active they Demanded that the conclave of the magi Be dismantled and there research destroyed. many old soldiers took up this cause as they sought to make sure such horrors would never be repeated.

The conclave of the magi were furious and stated that one accident shouldn’t erase all the work they did. Their actions were reckless yes, but they faced absolute extinction. they felt that they were being unfairly persecuted for mistakes that they had no way of predicting and demanded the king do something to control these hateful demonstrations.

The Monarchy stated that the treaty prevents such actions from ever happening again. and that the church should be satisfied with that. but it fell on def ears. The church of luminance were convinced that the conclave were war criminals deserving of death. the situation escalated and the empire fractured into it’s current Form.

Alkirian expanse (history)

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