The Erudian Conclave (A brief History)

The Erudian Conclave- Ruled by a grand Magister and a parliamentary system they are the main body of academic knowledge in all of Lanvaldir they dedicate most of their resources to the accumulation of knowledge specifically Science, magic, and archaeology. The Court of the Magister holds the largest library in all of lanvaldir. They tend to be socially inept and a bit inflexible but they have produced some of the most brilliant minds of the generation. They do all they can to share knowledge with the other civilizations of lanvaldir. They wish to promote a world of Reason they believe that Deception and ignorance is the root of all suffering. This has led to some conflict as it turns out not everyone is so ready to give up thousands of years of tradition because the conclave deems it illogical.

After the Conclave of the Magi gained there independence following the events of the 300 year war. they enjoyed relative peace as they had taken to the mostly Uninhabited mountainous regions of the Old Empire and began to rebuild a society based around science and magic. they began to construct huge cities in the mountains and research labs and Libraries to house the knowledge of the world. a parliamentary system was established. with most power being held in the hands of the High court. they maintained a decent relationship with the Shakir empire there was talk of an attempt to reunify the empire, but as time went on the Conclave decided that they enjoyed their freedom.

Unfortunately this peace was short lived eventually some more radical elements of the Conclave decided to start hidden research into forbidden technology from the 300 year war. this time attempting to Combine Feyrite ore with magic crystals to create a new and even more powerful Magical Catalyst. they considered the past treaty null and void as they were no longer part of the Shakir Empire. eventually the High court discovered the research and had it destroyed. they ruled that it was impossible to conduct such research Safely. and deemed that any further research into the subject would be considered high treason, a crime punishable by death.

Unfortunately, word of the incident eventually reached the theocracy of yargo. The Theocracy felt their lands were threatened, harboring an intense distrust of the court of magi they accused them of war crimes and cited the violation of the treaty as justification for an invasion. there goal was the destruction of the circles research facilities and libraries. they tore through there mountain homes. Burning all they could find.

The remnants of the Shakir Empire immediately condemned the attacks. and demanded the theocracy cease hostilities. but the damage was done, the conclave was furious and retaliated by attacking border cities and Burning the religious texts and monuments of the Theocracy and so began another conflict in the alkirian expanse. there was fighting on and off for generations from that time on. they shared decades of conflict and continuous border skirmishes. The conclave of the magi changed their name to the Erudian Conclave and with every conflict became more and more dedicated to the Destruction of the weak minded religious community. they dedicated themselves to promoting a world ruled by science and magic.

Just 3 years before the corruption the Erudian Conclave had pushed deep into the holy land of the Tenjutsu monks with the goal of destroying there foolish religious beliefs. they destroyed statues and Scriptures that dated back to the beginning of civilization the action Infuriated the Theocracy and church of the luminarch.

the Leader of the church Luminance Victor Lead a campaign to drive the heretics out of the theocracy. Wielding soul Render he cut a path through the conclave magi consuming there magics and turning the elements against them he was said to have been a demon on the battlefield. when word got back to the High court about this old man twisting magics with a sword and using there own skills against them. the Grand Magister went personally to Investigate.

The magister went to meet this Victor in the border town on Mt kaitzur. when he saw the weapon he knew immediately what it was. The Blade was a relic from the ancient 300 year war. a blade carved from feyrite ore troublesome but not something that should be a problem for a mage as skilled as him. however he then noticed the Gems fitted into the hilt were actually magic crystals. forging such a weapon should be impossible the research into such technology was destroyed, and surely the Theocracy lack the knowledge to create such a weapon.

the Magister Demanded that they cease Hostilities immediately and Halt there Campaign. he told Victor that if he would agree to a peace treaty he would Halt all activities within the Theocracy’s borders. Victor had pushed the Heritics out of the Theocracy. and back to their mountain stronghold. The treaty was signed and the region again made an attempt at peace.

The Erudian Conclave (A brief History)

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